Fast, Friendly, and Attentive Dental Care

We’ve designed our office around patient comfort and relaxation to ensure their needs are met before, during, and after their visit! Our staff is highly trained and professional and our mission is to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

New patients will have a comprehensive oral examination performed by Dr. Don Sing and he’ll personally review your dental health history with you during your visit, taking note of any other pertinent medical information in order to best care for your dental health. Depending on the treatment path recommended, your initial exam may incorporate some of the following screening procedures:

– Digital X-rays
– Panoramic X-rays
– Intraoral photos and videos
– Exterior photos of the surface of your teeth
Bite and TMJ analysis
– Full gum evaluation
– Oral cancer screening
Cavity early detection screening

Once the initial examination is complete, Dr. Don Sing will personally review your results and recommend treatments as necessary, answering any questions you may have. If everything looks good, we’ll send you on your way!

Further Treatments

If we detect a problem with your oral or dental health during our screening process, we may recommend additional treatments either at our offices or at another facility. While we can provide most dental services in-office, more severe or specialized procedures may require referral to another physician.

After discussing your options for further treatment, Dr. Don Sing will walk you through the next steps and answer your questions about how to best care for your teeth and gums in the days or weeks leading up to follow-up treatments.

To make an appointment, contact Don Sing DDS by using our online form or by calling us at 206-362-3404 in Northgate today.