Meet Dr. Don Sing

Dr. Don Sing sitting at his desk looking at a pair of fake teeth molds

Dr. Gabe Don Sing is a highly-trained and experienced general dentist with an emphasis on restorative dentistry. Dr. Don Sing is the dentist other dentists, dental specialists and their families come to for their dental care in our Northgate office.

Dr. Don Sing’s goal is to provide dentistry designed around the individual, giving each patient full attention and care. He has built his practice to be health-centric and relationship-based with a reputation for creating outstanding patient experiences and beautiful dentistry, ranging from routine procedures to the most complex cases. His dedication to long-term oral health, comprehensive treatment, and comfortable care for each of his patients distinguishes him from other dentists.

Dr. Don Sing’s passion for dentistry extends well beyond the office. He is dedicated to the art and science of dentistry and provides continuing education dental courses to fellow colleagues from around the world.

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