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TMJ Syndrome: What Is It and How Can You Prevent Symptoms?

What Is TMJ/TMD?

When people hear the acronym TMJ, they often believe it refers to a disorder. However, TMJ actually names the joint impacted by a disorder — the temporomandibular joint, which is the hinge joint that connects the jawbone to the skull.

Disorders of this joint are called TMD, which stands for temporomandibular disorders.

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5 Strategies to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During The Holidays

There are so many things to do to prepare, from meal planning and making arrangements for travel to purchasing gifts and designing your holiday decoration displays, it’s easy to forget to prioritize your health. We all know that the holidays can wreak havoc on our waistlines, as the endless office and home parties typically feature all kinds of tempting sweets,

Xylitol…….and what you need to know.

Tooth decay happens when bacteria in your mouth consume the sugars you eat. When you eat food containing ordinary sugar(sucrose), it gives the bacteria on your teeth energy, allowing them to multiply and start making acids that eat away the enamel on the teeth.  This “acid attack” causes tooth decay and cavities begin to form.

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Best Practices

“Best Practices” means so much more than just being the best!

“Best Practices” in our office means bringing technologies and tools in offering you the greatest success in achieving good oral health and function.

One of the newer “tools” we use is called CAMBRA or caries management by risk assessment.