What to Know about Teeth Sensitivity

Those who deal with sensitive teeth know how frustrating it can be, but may not know exactly what is happening to cause that painful ache when reaching for a sip of hot coffee, tea, or cocoa to warm up this winter. More so, if you suffer from sensitive teeth, you likely want to know how to treat the unpleasant sensations that result.

A Dentist-Approved Guide to Enjoying Halloween Treats

As Halloween approaches, grinning jack-o’-lanterns are cropping up on neighborhood porches, kids of all ages are rushing to add the finishing touches to their costumes, and the candy supply at local grocery stores is steadily dwindling. Especially if you have children or live near families with little ones, you’re likely preparing for the annual trick-or-treating haul.

The Best Type of Floss for You

No matter how well and often you brush your teeth, there are some places those bristles just can’t reach, such as the gum line and the tight spaces in between your teeth. You’ll need to use floss to keep these tricky areas clean and free of plaque buildup, food debri, and bacteria left over after brushing —

What to Know About Teeth Sensitivity

Do you pass the ice cream aisle with a sense of forlorn longing? Does a steaming hot cup of tea make you wince a bit as it passes over your teeth? If so, you are not alone! Many people suffer from teeth sensitivity. However, the reason behind this sensitivity may differ from one person to the next.