All about Teeth Whitening

A common cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening can be done either in a dental office or at home. A walk through any local pharmacy or grocery store can illustrate how many are trying to cash in on the procedure’s popularity, but the choices quickly become overwhelming when looking down the aisle lined with competing products.

Electric Toothbrushes vs. Manual Toothbrushes

Does an electric toothbrush seem like a superfluous expense, especially because your dentist gives you a standard brush for free at each check-up? Do you find yourself wondering why people would pay so much money for an electric toothbrush?

The truth is that electric toothbrushes offer several undeniable benefits for those who prioritize their oral health.

What to Know About Dentures

Most of us are aware of the social stigma attached to getting dentures. People worry that wearing dentures could reflect poorly on their dental hygiene practices or serve as an obvious sign of aging. In reality, much of the need for dentures stems from genetics. Some people are more prone to tooth decay, receding gums,

What to Know about Teeth Sensitivity

Those who deal with sensitive teeth know how frustrating it can be, but may not know exactly what is happening to cause that painful ache when reaching for a sip of hot coffee, tea, or cocoa to warm up this winter. More so, if you suffer from sensitive teeth, you likely want to know how to treat the unpleasant sensations that result.