Dr Don Sing working on a patient with an assistant

Best Practices

“Best Practices” means so much more than just being the best!

“Best Practices” in our office means bringing technologies and tools in offering you the greatest success in achieving good oral health and function.

One of the newer “tools” we use is called CAMBRA or caries management by risk assessment.

What does this mean for you? It means we test your bacteria levels. Then, based on real scientific results we treat you with an evidence-based approach that addresses your specific, individual risk factors that contribute to dental disease.

Everyone is similar and yet very different. We all have infectious bacterial biofilm disease process that can cause decay, loss of teeth and periodontal disease.

At the heart of our philosophy of care is the assessment of each individual patient for his or her unique disease indicators, risk and protective factors . We then use this assessment in determining current and future dental caries disease and the need for treatment.

  • Risk Factors include: 
    • Number of bad bacteria and their acid producing qualities
    • Absence of saliva
    • Lifestyle habits that contribute to caries disease, such as frequent ingestion of fermentable carbohydrates, and/or poor oral hygiene
  • Protective Factors include:
    • Saliva and sealants
    • Antimicrobials or antibacterials(including Xylitol)
    • Fluoride and other products that enhance remineralization
    • Effective lifestyle habits

“Best Practices” then provides us with care and treatment regimens to individually treat your dental health needs. 

In the past, dentistry has been and “drill and fill” delivery of healthcare. This has meant costly replacement procedures and discouraging results for many patients.

CAMBRA gives us real diagnostics and real tools to change this delivery modality to one of treating the underlying causes of dental disease in order to prevent it’s damaging outcomes. It save you dental visits and dental costs and benefits your overall health.

“Best Practices” means we do what is best for our patients!

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